What Health Care Reform Will Mean

The President’s final plan for health insurance reform puts control of health care where it belongs — in the hands of American families and small businesses, not health insurance companies or government.

His proposal takes the best Republican and Democratic ideas and changes three main things about the current health care system:

1)It ends the worst insurance company practices and outlaws discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions.

2)It reduces costs for people with insurance and makes coverage more affordable for people without it today.

3)It sets up a new competitive insurance marketplace where small business owners and families can shop for the insurance plan that works best for them, giving them the same buying power and insurance choices as all members of Congress.

We’ve debated the issue of health insurance reform thoroughly, not just over the past year, but over decades. It’s time to make a decision about how to finally reform health care so that it works for America’s families and businesses — not just for insurance companies.


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