The Real GOP

The Government of the People party, the party of Ronald Reagan, the party who believes in Capitalism, is collapsing. With the election of Barack Obama the GOP in my mind lost there’s. For reason that have been unknown the election of President Obama got under the skin of the GOP. Can it be the popularity he has, or maybe the youth in him, or the brilliant Harvard mine he has in his head, or what many think Racism. Whatever the problems is, the GOP decided long ago not to work with this President. When President Obama walked into office, sitting on his desk was a financial crises. Besides pulling together to support the President to put a financial jolt in the country, the GOP made there first paristian move. They voted on party lines. As of this date today, the Recovery bill has done a lot to bring in more jobs and to save jobs that would have been lost. Today, the President and the Speaker of the house has past Healthcare Reform, along party lines as usual. For a year and a few months the President has reach over to the GOP to work on bi-paristian legislation, only to have his hand slapped down. Many in his party have told the President many times before to stop trying to get bi-paristian support on any issues. The party of Reagan decided to vote NO on ever piece of legislation the President has offered. The GOP for the last year has told many untruths about legislation and healthcare. President Obama pushed healthcare for many months looking for bi-paristian support and didn’t get it. All he got was a lot of misinformation regarding the healthcare bill. The GOP said the President was setting up “Death Panels” and it was a big government takeover, and many more misinformation. You started to have GOP Senators and Representatives degrading the President. First you had the GOP calling the President a Socialist, a far left idea log. Then you have Senator DeMint(S.C.) who said healthcare would be Obama “Waterloo”, and we can’t forget “You Lie” Joe Wilson. You have Minority Leader John Boehner cheering on against the United States and Chicago from getting the Olympics, just because the President was speaking up for his home town. The GOP complained of indoctrination of school kids who was celebrating the first African American President for Black history month. I can go on further but you get the picture. President Bush former speechwriter David Frum said that the GOP made a big mistake by not working with the President on healthcare and other issues. Frum went on to say that the GOP worked for Fox news and Rush Limbaugh, they didn’t use their own mind. Because of these statements he was fired today from a Conservative think tank company. To sum it all up, the Republicans are scared that President Obama will succeed in everything he does. The GOP is scared that the American people will love this new healthcare bill like the polls are suggesting now. The American people will see the GOP has told many lies. Now, that healthcare has passed, the GOP are showing the real GOP by inciting the crazy teaparty members. Eric Cantor had a press conference complaining that the Democrats are fueling the fire by letting people know what happened. John McCain Mr. Country first, saying that the Democrat are making things up, we all know that McCain is trying to win votes he is losing in Arizona. Everything is a fight with the GOP since the election of President Obama. Don’t take my word for it, go back and research it. I just want to say to the GOP and the Teaparty members, stop the violent talk and the racist slurs. Try to work with President Obama, he’s a good man, he’s a man who cares about the middle class and poor. President Obama is a winner and the GOP knows it. So, besides saying we will bring this country together, they rather call him a Socialist. With or without the GOP this country will continue to grow. Why, because of the leadership of President Obama. The number of jobs loss is down, the GDP is great, the stock market is great, healthcare has pass, financial institutions are regulated now, troops are being withdrawn from Iraq, America’s statue in the world has improved, all of this was face with resistance from the GOP. American people this is the real GOP, this is racism from afar, this is a party that will go down in history as the party of “NO”. Will the GOP ever work with this President before he leaves office, what do you think? I think never, they will never accept this President for all the good he is doing. God bless everyone in Congress, and god bless President Obama, he will need it.


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