Our Mission

It is our hope that between our website NOTEA4ME, and our new website PURPLE REVOLUTION, that we will eventually be able to reach large numbers of the specific people that are searching for facts, with a message that fits into the center of their core of beliefs. Indeed this is the true mission of the Purple Revolution. .

President Obama said when he first came on to the world stage in 2004, “that there is no Red America, and no Blue America, that there is only the United States of America.” The Purple Revolution is dedicated to just that univeral theme..

We are here to knock back the divisionary misinformation that is a product of the type of division politics which is so widespread as a political tactic in our country today. We want to unite the people that are willing to seek ways that they can bring the red states together with the blue states and to understand that the philosophies that can govern, are in the true center of our thinking.

We know that we cannot bring people to that place, if we are trying to deceive them to believe that the center of our politics is some place just to the right, or just to the left of either of our most extreme fringes. THAT IS NOT THE CENTER, the center is where, these two philosophies can meet and agree. Here is where we want to lead our readers.

We are encouraging people with like minds all over this country to associate themselves with our Purple Revolution, by starting and running these banners in blogs from Maine to San Fancisco, and all places in between. This site is the focus site, to guide and to help promote any sister sites to spring up to help us in our quest.


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